Shawn Yue x New Balance: Interview with Shawn Yue (CMSS)


We recently attended the launch of the CMSS (Common Sense) x New Balance MRL996 in Beijing, where we managed to catch up with actor/model Shawn Yue on his first collaboration with New Balance .


When did you start buying NB and why do you like it so much?

I think I started buying New Balance when I was much younger (chuckles) during the craze of Stussy x Mad Hectic NB580s. All the reseller stores in Hong Kong were selling them for more than HKD$5000, I couldn’t afford it back then and I finally bought some of the Stussy x Mad Hectic MT580s around 2-3 years ago.

So would you consider MT580 to be your favourite NB models?

Personally I love the comfort of NB 999 as the width of the model is perfect  for my feet. I also tried on a pair of the new 580 Revlites when I was with Tetsuya San (Tetsuya Shono is head of New Balance Lifestyle and lead designer for the MRL996 series). The new Revlite techonology makes the 580 much ligther and comfortable. I would say that is one of my new favourites too. As for collaboration models, my favourite has to be the NB x Junya Watanabe 1600 “All White” as I love my shoes in white.


Why didn’t you design a pair of all white 996 instead?

I did think about doing an all white 996 before deciding on the colourway, but I think the CMSS (Common Sense aka CMSS is Shawn’s independent label) signature ‘True Blue’ colour means more to me as it represent our identity for CMSS. This is same colour I have been using for our basketball team (橫洲工業) and I would really  want my first collaboration with New Balance to be associated with the same colour aw well.


Speaking of Tetsuya, how is it like working with him?

Tetsuya San has been one of the most supportive designers to work with thus far. He has given me all the freedom I need in designing this MRL996 and also provided me support when it comes to choosing the right material in order to go with the CMSS ‘True Blue’ colour. It is really a pleasure working with him.

What would be your next “dream project” with NB?

I think to work on a pair of MT580 would really be a dream come true or perhaps the 580 Revlite? One thing for sure is I would repeat using the same CMSS signature blue colourway again as I would love to explore using a new colourway on my next “dream project”. Fingers crossed!!


The limited edition Shawn Yue (CMSS) MRL996 ‘True Blue’ was sold out immediately on the day of the launch as the Tier 1 and inline MRL996  are still available at Leftfoot and Limited Edt in Singapore and Crossover in Malaysia.

Images: Jules Streething

Translation: Chooee