Streething x Levi’s® ‘We Are Original’: Noh Salleh



As the lead vocalist, Noh Salleh is a name synonymous with Hujan, the multi award-winning indie rock band that celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2015. Although the band was labeled as an alternative rock band, Hujan has never been restricted to just one genre and has performed a variety of styles through the years.


It was anything but smooth sailing before Noh became the frontman of Hujan. With nothing else but a heart filled with passion and hope, this Miri-born music lover packed his bags and flew to Kuala Lumpur in 2005 to pursue his dreams of becoming a musician.


Ten years on, Noh and his band are still strongly backed by the support of their loyal fans from all around the region who call themselves Raingers (Hujan means rain, in Malay). Watch on as Noh Salleh talks about what keeps Hujan going and what does being original mean to him. #LevisMY #WeAreOriginal #LiveinLevisMY #StreethingxLevisMY