We Present To You The Billabong x Streething “Artist Series”



This season, we’ve teamed up with Billabong and several of our street artist friends from around the region to produce the Billabong x Streething “Artist Series”, where we asked them to style their signature characters in classic Billabong pieces.



Singapore-based Creative couple, Clogtwo & Inkten, met over ten years ago at a graffiti competition. They kept in touch through their interest in street art and fast forward to present day and they’re both engaged to each other. They’ve both been internationally recognised for their Signature characters, Skull (Clogtwo) and Athena (Inkten), both being alter-egos that are the opposite of their quiet and reserved real-life personalities. For the collaboration, they’re pictured in a variety of couple activities, showing the pair in scenarios that long-time followers usually don’t get them to see them in.



Thai designer/artist, Poorboy, originally comes from the province of Udon Thani and was trying his best to adjust when he moved to Bangkok, he created the Poorboy character as a reflection of himself. The creature was forced out of the jungle by capitalist humans and is trying his best to adapt to city life. For the artist series, we can see Poorboy as he going about his usual daily work, surf, skate, beach, outdoor life in Billabong attire, much to the envy of his friends from the jungle.



Indonesian artist, Koma, is the creator of Buto, a character that has roots in Indonesian “Wayang” (traditional puppet theatre) mythology but has been remixed to fit into modern day Jakarta city life. Instead of terrifying people like he traditionally used to, Buto enjoys zipping around the busy Jakarta streets either on his vintage Vespa or skateboard. Buto has a penchant for floral Billabong prints as it reminds him of classic “Batik” fabric and prints used in “Wayang”.

Check out the finished pieces as well as the vid’s for a behind the scenes look at their work process!

Billabong x Streething x Clogtwo & Inkten

Billabong x Streething x Clogtwo & Inkten

Billabong x Streething x Poorboy

Billabong x Streething x Poorboy

Billabong x Streething x Koma

Billabong x Streething x Koma