A Peek Into Levi’s Eureka Innovation Lab


As part of our recent trip to San Francisco where we visited Levi’s world headquarters and their archive room, we also had the honour of being given a guided tour of their Eureka Innovation Lab by Levi’s Senior Vice-President of Global Design, Jonathan Cheung.

It’s inside this lab where future Levi’s collections are conceptualised and created. An idea can be put into action and completed from start to finish all within the facility. This gives a huge amount of flexibility to play around with ideas and try out new techniques to expand the possibilities of denim production, be it conserving on material wastage or coming up with new ways to treat denim or just recreating classics from the archive.

From big old metal pots of indigo dye to state of the laser engraving┬ámachines, the Eureka Innovation Lab combines a bit of old with the new to ensure there’s the best of both worlds so their denim scientists have everything at hand to push Levi’s rich history and legacy far into the future.

Check out this pictorial recap of lab and stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Jonathan Cheung.