Streething x Timberland featuring Dick Chua



Reimagining the iconic Timberland’s Original Yellow Boots, we teamed up with two Malaysia personalities to work on a customisation project for the boots. First of the two videos feature film director and tattooer, Dick Chua who spoke about the journey in his career, his first pair of Timberland, and the inspirations behind his customisation for the Yellow Boots.


As a graduate in Animation, Dick did not pursue his passion in drawing because there wasn’t any platform that allowed him to create freely. He ventured into filmmaking and produced numerous work that won the approval of both the local and international audience.


Later when he discovered tattoo, he knew he has found the perfect solution to express himself through his own style of drawings. Watch the full video for to find out more:

 About Timberland’s Yellow Boot

In 1973, Sidney Swartz introduced one of the first waterproof leather boots of its kind. Incorporating premium full-grain nubuck leather, thick rubber lug soles and unprecedented craftsmanship, the yellow boot was an instant classic. He named it the ‘Timberland’.

The yellow boot was made for hard working New Englanders, inspired by form and function, not trends and runways. Remaining true to that authenticity is just what appealed to people from all walks of life. Eventually, it started selling in lifestyle and fashions stores, which began a whole new era of the yellow boot: the boot as fashion. 

Check out a pair of Timberland boots at all outlets in Malaysia now.