Streething x Timberland featuring Ethan Chu



The second instalment of Streething x Timberland project features our fashion stylist Ethan Chu who created four looks using the reimagined Yellow Boots from Dick Chua. Apart from demonstrating the versatility of the boots through each look, Ethan also explains why he thinks Timberland’s boots are so iconic.


As someone who literally lives and breathes fashion, Ethan collects his inspiration everywhere. From parks to cafes, he spends hours just watching people from all walks of life to find new ideas. Is fashion styling a job that is really all that glamorous? Find out what he has to say:

Reimagined Timberland Yellow Boots styled by Ethan Chu 

The first look for men is casual and dress down with a long sleeve shirt overlaid with a navy shirt. Accessories such as bucket hat and beaded necklace add a little more personalised character to the style.

For women, a casual yet classy style to pair with the Yellow Boots created with a flannel + plaid shirt together with a pair of denims.


The second style for women is inspired by the biker subculture. Here, the model wears a denim shirt layered with a leather jacket, and paired off with the iconic boots, of course.

Wearing a thick jacket in winter doesn’t mean there is a limit to being stylish. The final look plays with layering and prints to go with Yellow Boots.


About Timberland’s Yellow Boots

In 1973, Sidney Swartz introduced one of the first waterproof leather boots of its kind. Incorporating premium full-grain nubuck leather, thick rubber lug soles and unprecedented craftsmanship, the yellow boot was an instant classic. He named it the ‘Timberland’.

The yellow boot was made for hard working New Englanders, inspired by form and function, not trends and runways. Remaining true to that authenticity is just what appealed to people from all walks of life. Eventually, it started selling in lifestyle and fashions stores, which began a whole new era of the yellow boot: the boot as fashion. 

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[Models: Bryan Ho & Yann]