Streething x Red Wing Shoes: Woodcut Printmaking with Rico Leong


Rico Leong is wearing shirt and pants from Bev C Clothing, and a jacket from Zakwan Anuar. Both brands are available at Thisappear, Bangsar, KL.

Those that follow the Malaysian independent fashion scene will probably recognize Rico Leong from the numerous runway shows and photoshoots that he did for local designers such as Joe Chia and Justin Chew. However, many don’t know that Rico comes from a family of artists and is a self- taught illustrator and musician that is now specializing in the traditional art of woodcut printmaking.

Rico likes the process of creating things by hand using techniques from a bygone era, as he feels the imperfections and irregularities in comparison to modern tech make the finished items unique. He feels the effort and history that goes into Red Wing Shoes Heritage line is similar in that the shoes continued to be made in USA using the same mindset and craftsmanship from over a hundred years ago. Check the video to see Rico talking about woodcut printmaking and why he likes it so much.

Rico is wearing new Red Wing Style 8884 a Classic Work 6 inch height Moc-toe boots in Camouflage Leather . Style 8884 is a limited seasonal release this fall/winter that is back due to popular demand from fans. Red Wing iconic 6 inch Moc Toe boots with white crepe outsoles were originally designed for hunters and farmers in the early 1950s. Camouflaged pattern on 6 inch height Moc-toe boots were previously seen on Style 8150, that was produced in 2004, and sold mainly in Europe and Japan for short period. This fall winter 2016, inspired by the hunting, a popular sport in the hometown of Red Wing , Red Wing Shoe Company brought back a different camouflage pattern on new Style 8884 in Mossy Oak® camouflage pattern of autumn leaves.

The 8884 is available now at the following official stockists across Southeast Asia:

Singapore – Red Wing Shoe Store Singapore, Leftfoot stores, Feder Sports

Malaysia – Pertama Red Wing Shoes, COVER KL, Crossover JB, Undergroundstreet, Zolo Collection

Thailand – Pronto stores, PTC Mart, Selektiv

Indonesia – Limbro Denim stores