idle/ido: Camaraderie / Nakama Ishiki SS17

A brand new label has hit the town and this time round, it’s a brand inspired by Japanese culture, building on the acceptance of transcience and imperfection, defining the sense of equilibrium between stillness and motion. idle/idō was launched with the release of their Camaraderie / Nakama Ishiki SS17 Collection that celebrates comradeship between lateral thinkers, crafted for citizens of the world who seek beauty in simplicity.

Check out the lookbook below and follow them on Instagram for more updates.

camaraderie_ss17_lookbook-01_1024x1024 Print camaraderie_ss17_lookbook-03_1024x1024 camaraderie_ss17_lookbook-04_1024x1024 camaraderie_ss17_lookbook-05_1024x1024 Print camaraderie_ss17_lookbook-07_1024x1024