Ziggy Chen Collaborates Again With RIGARDS Eyewear


Shanghai-based designer, Ziggy Chen, teams up again with our friends from RIGARDS for the Encore – a fresh interpretation of the classic half-rimmed glasses style. Influenced by Zen aesthetics and the proverbial concept of half-full and half-empty coexisting in the harmony of a perfect orb, the design shies away from non-structural elements, allowing characteristic elements like the graceful curves of the endpiece, the generous width, and the slender arms with a teardrop loop end to shine through. The upward-curving saddle bridge distributes weight more evenly and includes adjustable, half-moon-shaped blonde horn nose pads to create a more comfortable fit. By making the frame from sterling silver (a first foray for both brands), not only is its exquisite quality and quiet beauty powerfully showcased, the elegant weightlessness both in appearance and mass is also brought to the fore. All in all, an exercise in restraint that’s hard to take your eyes off.

The Encore is a unisex release and consists of two finishes—smoothly polished and subtly textured matte—both of which can be outfitted with prescription lenses, or your choice of either dark or light gradient lenses. For more information about availability head over to RIGARDS’ website.