Singapore’s Vanished Public Housing Estates Photography Book



From kampungs and cemeteries, dense jungles and tropical maladies, Singapore has transformed from one of the worst housing crisis in the world to a place where 90% of its people own their own home and local photographer Koh Kim Chay has been documenting these changes since the mid-80s.


As part of this two-decade long effort to remember Singapore’s past, Kim Chay worked with Eugene Ong who has edited copious amounts of negative and researched on those vanish scenes, to produce the Singapore’s Vanished Public Housing Estates. Shot on analog film and mostly developed in the traditional darkroom, the publication features photographs of 27 early public housing estates. Accompanying these photographs are postcards, vintage maps, HDB eviction notices and other memorabilia related to the estates.

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Singapore’s Vanished Public Housing Estates is designed by Do Not Design, a creative agency specialising in work for art, culture, and commerce. For more information on the publication, please get in touch with Eugene Ong at: eoy104[at]