Star Wars Day Celebration: Malaysia [Update: 19 May]


Update: 19 May

Star Wars Force Arts Stunts Team

Force Arts Stunts Team or F.A.S.T for short, is a lightsaber performance group based in Malaysia and they are recognised by Lucasfilm. Everyone in the team has martial arts background and they take weeks to perfect their original fight sequences. For the event, instead of showcasing individual battles, FAST is going to tell a story through a series of fight sequences. Be sure to catch them at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre, Blue Concourse on May 20 and 21 from 10am onwards.

Star Wars Live Art Installations

This group of talented artists came together to create exclusive Star Wars-themed artwork for the celebration. Each having their own unique style and techniques, they will be completing the final touch-ups for their work live at the event. Watch the video for a sneak peek:


Update: 15 May


Sabertrio fabricates high-grade duelling lightsabers featuring highly durable yet comfortable designs. The saber chassis is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminium whilst their flagship FX saber a high-quality motion-sensitive audio cards for sound effects. The team will be putting up a few demo units for the public to try at the Star Wars Day celebration event so don’t miss the chance, Jedi.


Update: 12 May

Star Wars MODELLERS Malaysia

This group of fans is focused on creating non-commercial pieces and customisation of Star Wars models and they find most joy in the process of bringing the models to life. With each member contributing their specialty skill, a more complex model could take months to be completed. For the upcoming event, the group will showcase a range of work from their active members:


Update: 8 May

Costume Maker VENUS

Founder of Costurera Haberdashery, Venus started off as a cosplayer before venturing full time into designing and making costumes. For Star Wars Day Malaysia, she came up with a new collection comprising of 14 original costumes inspired by specific characters. Here’s a snippet before the debut of the collection at the event:


Update: 5 May

LEGO User Group of Malaysia

Today, we take a look at some of the pieces produced by the LEGO User Group Of Malaysia who has produced tons of creations and Star Wars is one of the favourite themes. There will be 8 DIORAMA from Episode 1 to 7, and Rouge One on display exclusively for the event, along with games, activities and contest for the fans:


Star Wars Day is upon us again.

This year, die-hard fans in Malaysia will gather to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars Day over a 2-day event at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre. Expect to find talented fans paying tribute through their work such as LEGO models, painted artwork, custom-made costumes as well as a showcase of exclusive collector’s items. It would be an event for all lovers of the movie to unite and be transported to a galaxy far, far away so stay tuned for more coming your way.

Star Wars Day Celebration: Malaysia

Venue: Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre, Blue Concourse

Date: May 20 and 21, 2017 from 10am onwards.