GoodPair Socks “Dear, Buncho” Collection


GP006_RBG_Reebok Gold_01

A proud Malaysian brand, GoodPair Socks has released their fourth collection titled Dear, Buncho which is a humble tribute to many Malaysians’ carefree and fun childhood memories featuring designs like La.ut, Da.un, and Bu.ah (which stands for Sea, Leaf, and Fruit respectively).

GP005_DBL_Dark Blue _02 GP006_TPG_Tropical Green_01 GP007_ORG_Orange_01 GP006_TPP_Tropical Peach_01

As part of the plan to garner support from all over the world, GoodPair Socks turned to crowd-funding platform IndieGogo to launch this collection. The vibrant, quirky socks are available for purchase in “Perks Set” which is either 3 Pairs set for USD28 or 6 Pairs set for USD50.

Show your support at the page here, or follow them on social media @goodpairsocks to see the full collection.