in SEA + NIKE A.A.E. 1.0 Collection

  • 2 Shares is finally serving destinations in Southeast Asia, opening direct online access to exclusive collections and collaborations for fans over here. The introduction of the e-commerce site to our region coincides with the highly-anticipated release of the NikeLab NIKE Advanced Apparel Exploration (A.A.E.) 1.0 collection.

The nine-piece NikeLab Nike A.A.E. 1.0 collection is anchored by the NikeLab NIKE A.A.E. 1.0 T-shirt, an innovation that employs computational design to merge a series of body maps and form a motion-led knit pattern, fundamentally shifting the conventional process used to make a typical T-shirt.

With the NikeLab NIKE A.A.E. 1.0 T-shirt, creation of the apparel starts with study of Nike’s deep archive of digital data, which tracks the trajectory of the chest, back and arms in forward motion. Specifically, motion maps were considered alongside how the body reacts in different environments. Special focus was placed on modern urban environments, from the subway and the street to the office and the club, and the massive temperature and humidity fluctuations that occur in these various places. This examination provided additional digital body maps, the first with explicit lifestyle parameters, including a cling map, airflow map, sweat map and heat map.

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