YETI OUT x PATTA Soundsystem Releases Friends & Family Asia Tour Tee + Mixtape

Our friends over at YETI OUT have teamed up with Amsterdam’s PATTA Soundsystem for a collaboration that takes place on November 10 at Shanghai’s underground haunt; Arkham.

As part of PATTA’s Asia tour, the China stop brings the collective’s sought-after artists: Mario Nawaz, DJ Abstract and MC Lentini to the heart of Middle Kingdom as they prep for a soundclash against the YETI brothers Arthur and Tom.

Celebrating both brands’ affinity for club culture, a warm up mixtape curated by Eri Yeti (also known as Onawaave) is paired with a “Friends & Family” tee, released in Black and Washed Charcoal and available only at the function.

If you can’t make it to the tour, check out the mixtape for free over here:

Photo: Carol Tam / Model: Carlo Aquino