Bata Heritage relaunched Hotshot, the sneakers worn by Kurt Cobain


Images from Bata Heritage Facebook

Bata Hotshot was one of the core products from the partnership between Bata and Wilson back in 70s for the US market. It wasn’t until 1990s that it became popular when Kurt Cobain was spotted wearing them on several occasions.

Image from Google Images

“Outside the Bata universe, few people know that it was worn by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. We don’t know what it was he liked about them, but we like to think it was because it was a shoe brand that was out of the mainstream, a bit different and unique.” – Charles Pignal, Group Heritage director

Image from Bata Heritage


The first new Hotshot collection for AW17 features four colour schemes blue-yellow, blue-red, green-blue and black-yellow and will be available exclusively at Bata store in Mid Valley on Nov 18, in limited quantities. Check out Bata Facebook and Instagram for more updates.