Supercrew x Kittie Yiyi “Super Kittie” Capsule Collection


Supercrew and Kittie Yiyi took more than a year to conceptualise this collaborative collection “Super Kittie”. It was a challenging task at the beginning to find a balance in merging the two brands, without losing either of their identity. 

That was then when they decided to go back to basics to find an idea that both of them can relate to – the Super Mario game.

“It was definitely a little frustrating when we couldn’t work out well in the beginning and so I thought it was a failed project. Nevertheless, we manage to conceptualise something that was so simple, Super Mario.

We want people to understand no matter how hard something seems to be, it can be solved just like the Super Mario game. If we fail and we can always try again.” – Kittie Yiyi

“We had done a sampling for our initial idea but it did not meet up to our expectations. And so, we decided to pause and restart. Then, I asked myself what is simple yet happy for me? The first thing that pop up in my mind was Super Mario Bros.

Although this collaboration was quite a challenge, I’m always reminded that: Failure doesn’t mean the game is over, it means try again with experience.” – Josh, Supercrew

Shop for the collection now online at Supercrew, Kittie Yiyi or in stores at Pink Kota Damansara, Fabspy Mid Valley.