The 574: An Icon of New Balance


The 574 is considered New Balance’s franchise model, it might not have boasted the tech of the higher-end 99X flagship range, but what it brought to the table in the late 80s changed the game for the company. The reasonably priced running shoe combined New Balance’s much-loved blend of comfort and performance, as well as their signature casual style, but it offered something the company never really focused on before – colours. Lot’s of them. The 574 was a hit and became New Balance’s best seller to date, never leaving their line-up since being introduced.

In 2017, the 574 was updated with the 574 Sport, blending modern performance technology with a more contemporary style to suit modern day urban lifestyles. However, for 2018 New Balance are paying tribute to the classic 574 and have reissued a friends and family (limited to 574 pairs and not for sale) version, the ML574GYE.

Somewhat ironically, whilst the original release was known for its colours, this re-issue celebrates New Balance’s association with the colour grey. Whilst we can expect there to be much more 574 releases to come this year, this “classic NB grey” version highlights the original silhouette’s timeless appeal and ability to match a variety of fits.

The ML574GYE also features a pre-aged treatment, with the purposely yellowed parts and distressed soles all adding to the vintage vibe. This is a shoe that doesn’t feel the need to scream to get your attention, the subtle details and nature of the grey colourway complements an outfit rather than steal the whole show away.

Here’s some snaps of Streething founder, Chooee Hwang, wearing the ML574GYE with pieces from BLACK Comme des Garcons, Engineered Garments, Ganryu, Marni, Maharishi, North Face Purple Label, Winiche Warehouse, Whiz Limited and Undercover.

New Balance is celebrating the 574 this year, so expect a lot of interesting collabs and colourways. If you’re looking to get some of that classy evergreen NB style, the 574 classic is now available in Navy, Burgundy and Black colourways at select stockists across the region.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jules @ Streething