Take Me to Your New Year


When it comes to Chinese New Year celebrations, there are some traditions and there are family routines. While most of us grew up familiar with those, some of us may or may not continue to practice them. So is it true that Millennials don’t care about the traditional festive anymore? We spoke to three representatives of the era to find out.

JS = Jason @slim_jason (BBoy dancer)

YT = Yuan Teng @yuanteng625 (Aspiring actor)

YN = Yann @yyyann98 (Model)

What does Chinese New Year mean to you?

JS: It’s a brand new year to start everything over. It’s also a time to catch up with friends and family.

YT: Yea, it’s a time when family can gather to spend time together

YN: I really look forward to these CNY gatherings!

Your favourite activity during CNY?

JS: Reunion dinner where I can to eat some food that are cooked only during this time!

YN: Shopping!! For sure!

YT: It’s the reunion dinner for me too. Most of our relatives only meet up once a year so it gets really noisy and fun. Even though the conversations are the same every year! Haha!

Your ideal outfit during the festive?

YN: Definitely something comfy yet stylish

JS: It gets really hot in my hometown so I’m usually in something simple and comfortable. Finally, skinhead is awesome without having to style my hair for work.

YT: Something casual and simple. I like to dress it up with a jacket so it looks stylish yet not over-the-top 

Favourite CNY snack?

YN: Cashew cookies and Pineapple tarts!

YT: Fried Nga Gu! (Fried arrowroot)

JS: Kuih Kapit and Bak Gwa! (Barbeque meat jerky)

Lastly, what would you like to tell our readers?

JS: Eat more! Diet can always come later after the celebration.

YT: Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year! 小孩快高長大,男帥女美,大人們健康快樂賺大錢,老人家福氣爆燈健康長壽!

YN: Happy Chinese New Year and all the best in 2018!

Produced by Streething Studio

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