5 Reasons why the Nike Pegasus 35 Turbo is hotter than Bangkok weather according to Sneakeronsight


We are not fans of sneaker reviews when people just sit together to talk about empty facts in front of the camera, but we do appreciate someone who can give us the insight and explain to us (and our readers) in layman term about technical facts of running shoes.

Aim – also known to most by his name @sneakersonsight (Facebook, Instagram) – is one of the most authentic running sneaker reviewer around as he is an avid runner himself. He was sent to Tokyo when Nike launched the Nike Pegasus Turbo 35 and we asked him why the Pegasus Turbo is hotter than Bangkok weather:

1.It’s not red or orange – it’s pink
If you’ve ever talked to Bangkokians, they’ll definitely have the answer for you that either red or yellow is too political to be neutral these days. But let me tell you that these Peg Turbos are nowhere near RED, instead they’re pink. As pink as Jeff Staple’s favorite. The colorway is connected from Nike’s Zoom series that started from Crimson’s in VaporFly 4%, Zoom Fly and Pegasus 35.



2. Bangkok is full of cars, but no race car stripe like the Peg Turbo
It’s very common to see Ferraris or Lamborghinis stuck in BKK traffic every day. People still seem to be fine bringing their super cars out without giving them the ride they deserve. But Pegasus Turbo will be the only thing that has racing stripe on and has the fastest ride (literally). The stripes across the shoes are inspired by racing stripes from race cars so it makes the shoes look fast and makes you feel fast (at least when you look down at your feet). There’s also some nice touch Nike team added in the shoes by putting pinwheel swoosh which was designed by Geoff Hollister in the 70’s to cheer up their longest living running model.


3. There’s some stops to Bangkok traffic, but there’s no stopping in Peg Turbo when they have 2 of the best Nike’s foams combined!
Expect your shirt to be soaked by Bangkok’s heat but it can get hotter wearing these. Pegasus Turbo’s sole unit is made from Zoom X foam on the top combined with React foam under it. This creates massive push-off under your feet. By combining 2 of the most responsive foams Nike has will bring you racing feeling, similar to VaporFly 4%. But with React under Zoom X, makes fast shoes more durable than the 4%.


4. Forget about heat for a second, ventilation is key.
One of the most asked questions about running shoes in the Thai community is “are they hot?” Of course, not in terms of look but how warm your feet will be in the shoes is one of a deal breaker to buy or not to buy. Peg Turbo upper is made from new material called mono mesh. A single-layer mesh under perforated TPE creates airflow for your feet as well as reduce weight for the shoes. Some might say Zoom Fly, especially Zoom Fly SP is the least ventilated shoes ever and there’s nothing worse than sweaty feet on the Bangkok roads. You can take Peg Turbo down the streets without worrying about that. You can even drain the water out in case you run into a mysterious rain which may pop up any time in Bangkok.


5. There’s nothing in Bangkok hotter than what P’Toon (Bodyslam) wears!
Not Kanye, not Pharrell but P’Toon is the biggest guy who can change everybody’s mind to buy whatever he wears. He can make any shoes sell out after he posts them. Trust me, this has happened to lots of shoe models already. And now his girlfriend Goy Ratchawin joins force too! She just finished her first marathon this year so she’s gonna pop up the market for girls to compete with you in Peg Turbo race whenever they come out.

Note: P’Toon is mega rock star and the lead singer from the most famous Thai rock band Bodyslam. He recently ran 2215km over 55 days around Thailand and raised THB1,152 million for Thailand’s hospital

Image of Aim @sneakeronsight
Image of P’Toon from @rachwinwong