Interview with Masaaki Homma of MASTERMIND WORLD on his Timberland collaboration

Timberland has teamed up with MASTERMIND WORLD for a capsule collection comprising of Timberland footwear and apparel. The highlight of the capsule collection is the iconic Timberland 6 inch Premium Boots by featuring an one inch-shorter silhouette in both wheat and jet-black featuring embroidered Mastermind skull motif. We speak to the the man behind MASTERMIND WORLD – Masaaki Homma (MH) regarding the capsule collection:


What is your Creative thought process when it comes to collaborating with a new brand or new object?
MH: It is all about respecting each other first.

How do you approach Timberland? 
MH: I have collaborated with Timberland several times. But this is the first time to collaborate including apparel. So, I designed all which goes well as a total look.

And why make it one inch shorter than regular Timberland 6 inch boots ?
MH: It is completely my personal preference.

‘My iconic “skull” and “black”, they seem quite easy to be used on any design. But for me, they are the most difficult.’ – Masaaki Homma



What does the skull and crossbones symbol and black colour mean to you? How did that come about?
MH: I have always liked both of them. My iconic “skull” and “black” they seem quite easy to be used on the design. But for me, they are the most difficult.

What does the 90s streetwear mean to you as your know the Timberland boots is also fashion symbol of 90s streetwear 
MH: I haven’t been thinking much about the 90’s. But I have been convinced that the streetwear would inevitably be the mainstream of Fashion.

What do you think of the current streetwear industry comparing to when you started your brand?
MH: Basically it hasn’t changed that much. But I think the quality of streetwear has definitely improved.

The Timberland x MASTERMIND WORLD capsule collection will be available at selected Timberland stores worldwide – including Timberland at Raffles City, Mastermind World dealers at Club 21 Men at Four Seasons Hotel, Limited Edt Vault at 313@Somerset and ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur on September 14, 2018 (Friday).

All items will be available in EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY.