New Balance X-90 ft Malaya Breed from Projek Jahat


For those in the indie art and fashion scene, Malaya Breed from Projek Jahat is definitely not a new name. His work ranges from paintings to art-installation to hand-painted customised jackets where he expresses his thoughts and opinions about topics that would deem to be sensitive to some such as religion and politics.

Malaya Breed always has a strong belief that the younger generation should have the opportunity to gain more knowledge about everything around them including culture, religion, current affairs, or politics. When asked why 90s was his favourite era, he said it was because of the strong youth culture and individuality. People were free and brave to express themselves through music, fashion, and art.

He felt that youth were becoming less creative and less expressive and one day, we might even lose own unique identity and culture. So even without a formal background in the industry, he embarked on his journey as a full time artist as he believe that art is a universal language to reach out to the youth.
Over 8 years of hard work and dedication, Malaya Breed has gained the much deserved respect and attention from the local sub-culture community as well international media. We don’t know for sure what he has in the pipeline for Projek Jahat but whatever it may be, it will be something interesting. Watch the video below for a recap his recent show at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2018 where New Balance X-90 was also showcased for the first time in Malaysia: