You can always find Hanya at the coolest events in town. Despite her tiny frame,  her style always make her stand out from the crowd. We decided to spend an afternoon with this cool cat to photograph her and get to know her a little better

What do you do aside from being cool?
I am a marketing executive by day and jewelry customizer by night

Your description on your Instagram says “sneaker rotation”. So how many pairs of sneakers are you rotating right now?
I think around 20 pairs. Quite a lot right?

So what is your favourite pair of sneakers now?
The one that I am wearing right now-  The Air Jordan 1 “Aleali May”

I assume Aleali May is also your style inspiration?
Definitely!! She is coolest! I am so happy to get a photo taken with her back in 2015 and I always look up to her for style inspiration

So how much has your style changed from 2015 to now?
I have stopped wearing Supreme now 😝

And why is that?
I think the (reseller) price is getting so high and everyone is wearing them now

Tell us more about your Jewelry customization
It is something I do on the side as my passion project. I love customising jewelry. These are the rings from my brand @chezgrillz . We specialize in customizing and making precious metal jewelry — teeth grills, pendants and rings

What is the best seller? 
Definitely the teeth grills!

Would you be a full time jewelry customizer in the near future?
I think I am quite realistic so let’s see how far it can take me before I make it a full time job

Thank you for your time and keep up the your unique style Hanya. You can find her at her @hanyaseah