Interview with Kurt from #vinyloftheday


#vinyloftheday  is setup by 3 friends who share the same passion – music. Feeling the lack of a platform to share their passion for music, Kurt, Gerald Ang and Darren Dubwise came together to build a platform for all music and vinyl lovers to share their passion via social media. We have the privilege to speak to one of the masterminds behind #VinyloftheDay – Kurt  on his insight of the website and also current vinyl records craze.

What is the main objective of #vinyloftheday?

It aims to be a music discovery platform, similar to frontallabs or like streething for street fashion. But we set it more niche to target the vinyl records collectors. Of course we’re more than happy to welcome other music lovers as well. As you see, vinyl is just a medium. End of the day we’re still running a music business.

Vinyl Velvet 1(Vinyls collection at Zouk Singapore vinyl’s library from #vinyloftheday article: Interview with Jeremy Boon & Ming Yuen)

We know #vinyloftheday has been set to be social media integrated website, can you tell us more about it?

Ideally, it’s user-generated platform, where true music lovers come and share their love for vinyl and music. Right now only the publishing site is up and soon we will roll out our our mobile app platform which has more mobile interaction functions.

Vinyl Records Archive #vinyloftheday

How can the user contribute to #vinyloftheday now?

For now, they can actually sign up on our publishing site, by signing in with their Facebook account at the top “LOGIN” screen. Once they sign up, they can start contributing content for us. It could be sharing their music review, or post music related news or cool bands/djs that they have discovered. As for instagram, they can just post their records collection with the hashtag #vinyloftheday and it will be shown on our website’s feed.

Your vinyl of the day #vinyloftheday

It seems like social media has played an important role in consolidating the passion for vinyls/records?

Based on my social experiments, I’ve noticed there are thousands of vinyl records related photos on these platform daily. Bascially, people just like to share what they listen to. They like to share vinyl not just because of the music, but also the beautiful cover artwork.

What do you think about the current vinyl records craze? 

Vinyl records have gotten their groove back. It could be due to the fact that people have abandoned the mainstream CD stores that do not cater to their niche interests. The major labels are also starting to see the potential of making money from there, and have been releasing vinyl records aggressively. And virtually every other Hollywood film that came out in recent years had a scene where someone puts a record on. I guess there’s some coolness to vinyl records. I can never see it diminishing.

Red 3

Where would you recommend someone to go diggin’ when they are in Singapore?

Red point record warehouse as documented on #vinyloftheday , one could spend hours if not days in this place.

Red 5

Last but not least what’s your next move for #vinyloftheday?

The recent Record Store Day in Singapore was a successful one and we are aiming to launch a bigger scale of Record Store Day next year. And yes do lookout for our mobile version of #vinyloftheday

Photos Credit: #vinyloftheday