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Apple ‘iPad 2′ Official Release

By streething, April 29, 2011


Apple has finally released the iPad 2 in Southeast Asia. The iPad 2 will be available in three different memory capacities; 16GB at SGD$668, 32GB at SGD$798 and 64GB at SGD$928. 

The iPad 2 is most notably is 33% thinner than the first iPad, making it slimmer than the iPhone 4. They also managed to shave some weight off in the process, not to say the original iPad was a bulky device in the first place.

On the specs side, there are two cameras that enable you to use FaceTime to talk to friends, as well as record HD video. The processor and graphics capability has been given a healthy bump too, while battery usage is claimed to remain the same.

On the accessories side, the most popular case for the original iPad was the official one from Apple. It seems that their knack for functionality with slick aesthetics won the day, and the new case will probably do the same too. The Smart Cover boasts an incredibly thin-yet-sturdy design, and folds back multiple times to form a stand.

All in all, instead of charging the competition with more power and functions, it appears that Apple have made the tablet device even more accessable and desirable to the casual user. And we’re sure that more demanding users will find the added functions reason enough to make the upgrade jump.

Head over to your official Apple stockist to find out more.

Source: Apple