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Carhartt x James Callahan ‘Summon The Snake Beast’ Skate Deck

By streething, June 16, 2011



The Carhartt x James Callahan ‘Summon The Snake Beast’ Series was released March 2011, and if it caught your eye then you’d be glad to know that it’s available in Singapore. The series is a set of 3 skateboards, designed with James Callahan’s bold monsters, that are meant to tell a story; starting with a classic 8-inch modern shape to a 1990s belly-shaped 9-inch and lastly, a square-tailed 9.5-inch batwing destroyer. 

Behind the complex illustrations done by James Callahan, who has also had works appear in Thrasher, Acclaim Magazine and Marvel Comics, is a laminated screen-printed top in eye-catching red. Only one piece of the square-tailed 9.5-inch batwing destroyer is available at Garage

Garage is at 181 Orchard Road, #03-29 Orchard Central, Singapore, T +65  6509 8464.