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Mutewatch AB

By streething, August 5, 2011



Hailing from Sweden, Mutewatch is the realization of innovative ideas put into a watch. With the use of a vibrating alarm, the Mutewatch is a personalized alarm that only rouses you from your sleep, not anyone else. 

The futuristic watch also comes with a touchscreen that is similar to an iPhone and only displays the time at your touch, you are able to scroll through functions and delete alarm by pinching the screen as well. Mutewatch also includes a built-in motion sensor so it is able to adjust the strength of vibrations to suit you, for example stronger vibrations when you’re asleep and lighter ones when you just need a reminder.  

Mutewatch is available at Club21b, at 583 Orchard Road, Forum #01-07, Singapore 238884, T +65 6304 1455.

Source: Club21b