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Perspectives Film Festival 2011

By streething, October 17, 2011


A film festival organised by undergraduates from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore every year, this year’s Perspectives Film Festival carries the theme of ‘controversy’.

Six different films will be screened during the festival, and tying back to the theme this year, all six films caused controversy when they first premiered and were either banned or had some of it cut out by censorship boards. 

Although the reasons for such harsh censorship differs from graphic sex and violence to political sensitivity, the six films (i.e. A Clockwork Orange, Caterpillar, The Battle of Algiers, Syndromes and A Century, Czech Dream and Blue Kite) provoke us to think about our personal boundaries.

The festival will start on the 27th to 30th October, at either Golden Village Vivo City or Alliance Francaise. Tickets go for SGD$10 at the box office, AXS Stations or Ticketbooth.

For more information, visit the Perspectives Film Festival 2011 website.

Source: Perspectives Film Festival 2011