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Whiteboard Journal Version 2.0

By ChooEe Hwang, January 31, 2013

Whiteboard Journal V2

Being established as the go-to lifestyle/design website of Indonesia, our friends from Whiteboard Journal has revamped their webpage to provide a better layout for their daily updates. Moving forward, they will focus on creating their own content rather than recycling the same news from other sources.

“The idea of change came to us a few months ago when we were mulling over the state of our media. We have always enjoyed putting together a mix of our interest on the web, but found it quite redundant in only ‘recycling’ news we found from other websites – not to mention how ineffective the instant pace information travels on the digital world nowadays. And so after many and long discussions, our team gathered our heads to finally decide on a format that will work for us – since we sit in the hub where a lot of creative energy can be seen, we have concluded to gather original content from our surroundings foremost before expanding our reach from time to time.”  – Taufan, co-founder of whiteboard journal

Take a look at Whiteboard Journal Version 2.0 and enjoy some of the in-depth focus on Indonesia’s creative/fashion/design scenes