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Dr. Denim Spring 2013

By Julian Loh, February 7, 2013

Dr. Denim Spring 2013

Swedish label Dr. Denim have been around for about a decade, and along with brands such as Nudie and Cheap Monday they’ve become synonymous with the “Scandinavian” style of denim, which for the most part has been typecast as being skinny, tight or fitted. Apart from a few cuts, that would pretty much sum up what Dr. Denim has built their reputation on and their new seasonal collection doesn’t veer off that path. Nonetheless, we do see some rather nice chambray shirts and deep indigo jeans. For those that like a slightly looser cut, then try out the vintage-fit Stanley, which comes in rigid denim and also with suspenders.

Dr. Denim’s Spring 2013 Collection is available now at Actually+, 118A Arab Street, Singapore.

Dr. Denim Spring 2013