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Brooks England ‘Piccadilly Leather Knapsack’

By Julian Loh, February 8, 2013

brooks england piccadilly leather knapsack

This rather smart-looking backpack from iconic bicycle saddle makers, Brooks England, has been available for quite some time, but it’s only just recently landed at Singaporean bike boutique, Lifecycle.

As a cycling bag, it has a distinct disadvantage when it comes to things like easy-to-access compartments etc, but what it does offer is simple-yet-elegant style along with quality craftsmanship. The vegetable-tanned leathers are actually the same that are used on their saddles.

Apart from cycling, this slim-profile backpack would be great for everyday use, especially if you have to lug a laptop around. Check out the video to see the bag in action.

The Brooks England ‘Piccadilly Leather Knapsack’ is available now at Lifecycle, 204 Rangoon Road, Singapore.

brooks england piccadilly leather knapsackImages: Brooks England