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OldBlue Co. Work Belts

By ChooEe Hwang, February 16, 2013

OldBlue Belts Collage

Indonesian workwear brand OldBlue Co releases 3 types of Work Belts: 14-16oz Vegetable Tanned USA Steer Hide leather with US made solid brass garrison buckle, 9-10oz Horween Horse Butt (yes butt) leather with Italian made silver finished quick release buckle, and 10-12oz Burgundy Cowhide Latigo leather with US made solid brass round corner buckle. All of the belts were hand-cut, hand-hammered and hand-stitched by Indonesian craftsmen.

The belts are available at Brightspot Market now and will make available at their website after 


OldBlue 14-16oz steer hide solid brass garrison buckle

OldBlue 14-16oz steer hide

OldBlue 9-10oz Horween with deadstock made in Italy quick release buckle

OldBlue 9-10oz Horween Horside

OldBlue 10-12oz cow hide latigo with solid brass round corner buckle

OldBlue 10-12oz cow hide latigo