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Vans Vault x Diemme ‘Buffalo Boot LX’

By Julian Loh, February 22, 2013

Vans Vault x Diemme 'Buffalo Boot LX'

We’ve seen pretty much almost all of the main footwear brands release some hiking-inspired boots by now, some with subtle nods and some with more elaborate influences. The Vans ‘Buffalo Boot LX’ takes the concept further, as these are made with Italian shoemakers, Diemme Footwear, and basically look like their own ‘Roccia Vet’ boots. If it wasn’t for the Vans co-branding, we probably couldn’t tell they were collabs with a sneaker company.

They just arrived at Limited Edt Vault in Singapore, and since Diemme isn’t available around these parts yet,  fans of the brand will want to  swing by and try them out. 

Vans Vault x Diemme 'Buffalo Boot LX'