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Greyhound Original Spring/Summer 2013 ‘DISARTER” Collection

By ChooEe Hwang, March 15, 2013


For this upcoming Spring / Summer 2013 collection, Greyhound Original takes you into the land where all things fall and filled with signs of a big disaster. From the imagination of the prognosis about the end of the world in 2012 by transform ruins combined with arts into this latest collection called ‘DISARTER’ (DISASTER + ART).

We were invited to Greyhound Original “DIS-ARTER” fashion show during Elle Fashion week in Bangkok to see the Spring/Summer collection showcase. The collection’s highlight is graphic design which describe story of the world after the great disaster that divide into Natural Error Concept and Digital Error Concept. Natural Error presents the flow of hot lava and the melting cities by using Marble Art technique to create new striped. Moreover, Inkblot technique brought to create special striped which leads to the reflect pattern that allows the upper piece to the lower piece virtual mirror image. In menswear, the oversize silhouette in the long shirts and wrinkled texture features with jacket, pants and bag are picked to add interest for this concept.

You can check out their complete Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook and an interesting video lookbook on their website

Experience Greyhound Original Collection Spring / Summer 2013 at Greyhound Original 1 Fl. Siam Paragon 02-129-4358, Greyhound Original 1 Fl. Siam Paragon Department Store 02-610-7914, Greyhound Original 3 Fl. Siam Center 02-251-4917, Greyhound Original 2 Fl. Emporium 02-664-8664, Greyhound Original 2 Fl. Isetan Department Store 02-255-6461, Greyhound Original 2 Fl. Central Lardprao 02-541-1168