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Leather Goods by ‘Wotancraft Atelier’

By Julian Loh, March 16, 2013

Wotancraft Atelier

It’s rather difficult to find a camera bag that’s good looking, rugged and unique. Domke and Billingham? Classic and great, but almost everyone has one. Enter Wotancraft Atelier, they make slobber-inducing cam bags that are heavily military-influenced. We also like their Wild West inspired Eastwood Camera Holsters that can be worn across the chest or left dangling off a belt – gunslinger style. They also do heaps of leather watch straps for Bell & Ross, Rolex, IWC and Panerai.

They seem to have a steady distribution channel across Southeast Asia too according to their website, head on over to their online store to check out their full range that starts from USD169 for watch straps and can go up to USD799 for the most extravagant photography bags.

Wotancraft Atelier

Source: Wotancraft Atelier