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‘Iron Man 3: Iron Patriot’ 1/6th Scale Diecast Figure by Hot Toys

By Julian Loh, March 25, 2013
We were previously quite content with Hot Toys' photo-realistic portrayals of Tony Stark's numerous suits from the Iron Man movie franchise. However, with the Introduction of the Iron Patriot figure as the first release in the Hot Toys MMS Diecast Series, we had to ask ourselves – shouldn't all Iron Man toys be made from metal too??
A tricky question indeed, as toy mongerors know that as good as Diecast metal feels in the hand, it makes an already expensive toy even pricier. Apart from that, the suit lights up at the eyes and palms, while the face under the helmet is based on Don Cheadle's character in the upcoming blockbuster.
Start harassing your usual Hot Toys dealer now!
Source: Hot Toys