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Outlier ‘Ultralight Summer Trousers’

By Julian Loh, March 26, 2013

Been on an Outlier pants binge lately due to recently getting back into cycling. Loving the 4-way stretch their custom fabric provides, not only do they feel great when cycling, but they're generally amazing to wear as everyday pants. The only fault I can find is pants such as the Climbers and 60/30 Chinos do tend to get a little hot in our tropical climate. However, Outlier has just brought back their Ultralight pants for the Summer. This version weighs less than their 3-Way Shorts – which I can tell you from experience weighs next to nothing – and has all the features of their core 4 season fabric.

Here's how they describe the ultralight material:

The ones that barely exist. Ultralight Doubleweave is soft, supple and tough. It breathes incredibly well, with a soft lux handfeel and elegant drape. Yet when it comes to durability it’ll outclass fabrics more than three times its weight.

The Ultralight fabric is a yarn-dyed doublewoven intimate blend of various nylons. The micro-nylon fibers create a soft loose inner weave that helps pull moisture from the skin, while slightly thicker nylon is tightly woven on the outside to give it a degree of water resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. The “self-cleaning” nanosphere treatment adds in some wine, beer and iced coffee resistance. A four-way stretch means you'll move with a breezy freedom all across a beautiful summer.

So far only a navy colour is available, if these were khaki or concrete I would definitely be a few hundred bucks poorer.

Available now at the Outlier online store – they ship worldwide FAST!

Source: Outlier