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Progress Spring/Summer Shirts Collection

By admin, April 17, 2013

Feeling dissatisfied with the lack of apparel and accessories for the urban youth in Manila, the team behind Progress decided to start their own line of shirts and accessories. Over the years, they have put together one of the best capsule collection of well tailored shirts with locally sourced fabric. Entering their 3rd Spring/Summer collection, Progress continues to impress with their well chosen fabrics such as embroidered denim and fenix paisley. There’s even a tiger-camo sleeve light jacket being thrown into the mix.

The only drawback about the brand is currently they are only made available in Manila, we are still waiting for the brand to make their collection available online or finding an oversea stockist.

Progress Spring/Summer collection is available at their Flagship Store in Sgt. Esguerra St. corner Sct. Bayoran St. in Quezon City and the Satellite Store at the Deck of Ronac Art Center in San Juan, Philippines