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Panasonic ‘Lumix G6′ Micro Four Thirds Camera

By Julian Loh, April 24, 2013


The G6 is Panasonic’s latest M43 interchangeable lens camera, the line has gained a reputation for offering mid-range performance in a compact form factor at the sub USD500-700 price point. So what’s so special about this iteration? If you plan to do video, a lot! Unlike Olympus who have put the class leading sensor from their OM-D E-M5 flagship camera (also used in Panasonic’s flagship GH3) into their lower end models, Panasonic have repackaged the video-centric sensor from the much loved GH2 into the G6 and have given it some of the Wifi functionality and touch screen video focusing of the almost double priced GH3! It will even do 1920 x 1080 60P, something only the GH3 offered in the M43 world, so it means that Panasonic really revved the processing engine up. I currently use both a GH3 and an E-M5, so will be adding this to the KIV list when it drops this May/June as it sounds like a great backup or “2nd angle” camera.

Check out the specs and pre-order details here.

Source: Engadget