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HUGE “Go Book Store” February 2013 Issue

By ChooEe Hwang, January 31, 2013

Huge Book Store

Japanese lifestyle magazine, HUGE, takes a tour around the world to hunt down the best book stores in their February issue. Themed after “Go Book Store”, the magazine includes some selected book stores from Portland, Brookyln, Singapore, Hamamatsu, Niigata, Shimokitazawa and Jinbocho.

Huge Book Store 3

In this issue, HUGE magazine also work with Justin Long of Underscore Magazine to interview the representatives from the best select bookstores in Singapore. The list includes Select Books, La Libreria, Basheer Graphic Books and Books Actually.

Huge Book Store 4

Some of the other pages that really interest us are the books related products like book totes (see below) that HUGE team have collected around the world, some of the best independent books publishers in Japan and their beautiful illustration (see below) in the magazine.

Huge Bookstore 5

Huge Book Store 2

HUGE magazine is available now at Kinokuniya Book Stores