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Video: ‘Take My Picture’ A Look Into Streetstyle Fashion Photography by Garage Magazine

By Julian Loh, March 13, 2013

The rise of the “streetstyle” fashion photographer/blogger is a phenomenon that has probably hit every major city in the world. This short film by Garage Magazine takes a deep look into the genre that many would agree has become over saturated over the past few years. Many followers of popular style bloggers such as Tommy Ton marvel at the effortless manner he seems to hone in on his subjects, but this video gives a real look at what the actual scenes are like.

The amount of photographers waiting outside a fashion show coupled with the way they hammer their DSLR motor drives is more akin to the chaos you would expect inside the shows. Another side of the coin are the individuals being snapped, many seem not to be going out their daily business as countless pictures would leave us to believe, but certain regulars will gladly strut or turn on a “look” when the cameras are lined up.